Cuban-European Youth Academy

The Cuban-European Youth Academy (CuE) was summoned into existence by Thomas Hengelbrock and the Balthasar Neumann Academy as an international training programme and is designed to encourage a cultural exchange between young musicians from Cuba and Europe. Since 2014 the founders have been progressively establishing a partnership with cultural institutions on Cuba. Central to the Academy’s work is a transatlantic orchestral academy for some eighty participants who met for the first time in Germany in the summer of 2015. Since then the Cuban-European Youth Academy has continued to grow and now organizes monthly projects of the most varied kinds: a postgraduate study programme, joint masterclasses, workshops, concerts and tours help the participants to get to know unfamiliar music and an unfamiliar working culture. CuE seeks to motivate and encourage young people, to foster transatlantic cooperation, to transcend boundaries and to promote hospitality, while encouraging persistence and continuity in training. And, of course, it promotes classical music as a living art form.

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“I’ve made so many new friends and am taking away with me the memory of people who believed in me. This trust has given me tremendous strength and made me very happy. It was an incredible time.“
Jenny Peña Campo, participant