Thomas Hengelbrock is the patron of KinderPaCT, a Hamburg-based registered company that supports gravely ill children and adolescents during the final stages of their lives and helps their siblings and parents. The organization is assisted in its work by specially qualified paediatricians and nurses.

KinderPaCT enables dying children and adolescents to remain at home with their parents and to end their lives in familiar surroundings in a dignified and – as far as possible – painless way. It is available round the clock for families under severe physical and emotional strain.

“To be confronted by the death of their own child is an unspeakably heavy burden for the families in question to bear. The family members as well as the doctors and nurses looking after the children contribute a huge amount of time, love and personal commitment to ensuring that this distressing time is handled in an appropriate way. As a result I felt a great need to accept the invitation to become the patron of KinderPaCT and to support the organization in an active way by giving benefit concerts.“
Thomas Hengelbrock