School Projects

Communicating music to others is particularly close to Thomas Hengelbrock’s heart. For all concerned, there is always something enriching about inspiring the concert audiences of tomorrow with a sense of enthusiasm for the world of classical music. Working on a piece within a group, understanding it and feeling oneself an important part of the whole within the framework of a performance is often the spark that fires a lifelong fascination with music.




As a result numerous stages in the Ensemble’s work are accompanied by programmes and courses for school children. Whether as a school choir that is involved in the rehearsals of the professional musicians and sometimes even performs an encore in the concert hall or in workshops on self-awareness, voice and dance, with rehearsals that they can join in and other sessions where they can ask questions, as well as in specially organized music theatre productions, children of all ages and from every kind of school have a chance to experience music at close quarters and, by working closely with grown-ups and with Thomas Hengelbrock, they can discover that the music of bygone periods can still be a vital and immediate experience.